Customise your map

Media options (UK only):

Add a title:

You can add a 'Title' and a 'Subtitle' to the front panel of your map.

Add some notes (optional, n/a for PR, QR and ER formats):

Add some 'Notes' to the key panel of your map.

Choose quantity:

Standard Front Cover(n/a for PR, QR and ER formats)

As standard the front panel displays a key map for your chosen area with a title and sub-title.

Standard covers

Or Personalise your Map with a Picture and Logo

Simply upload a picture and (or) logo, see below.

Sample covers

Recommended Image Properties

  • Available on: SR, XR and ZR (logo only on ER) formats
  • Picture Image Dimension: 10cm x 10cm
  • Logo Image Dimension: 4cm x 4cm
  • Best Image Size Between: 1Mb to 2Mb
  • Filenames: Please include 2 letters and 2 digits
  • Image Format: jpg
  • Picture file:-
  • Logo file:-
  • GPX file:-

  • Please note: AQUA3 Series maps are printed to order therefore amendments cannot be made after confirmation. As each Aqua3 Series Map is customised, they cannot be produced by off-set lithographic print press as used to print the OS Landranger and Explorer Map products. Aqua3 Series maps are plotted using inkjet printers at 300dpi and therefore differ slightly when compared to standard printed maps. AQUA3 Series range use the same Ordnance Survey source data as our standard paper maps. AQUA3 Series range are not supplied with a glossy hard cover, as the cover image is printed directly onto the map paper.