Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create my customised map?

Follow these simple steps to create your map:

  1. Search for your map location by clicking on “Start Creating Your Map” button. Type in a place name, area, landmark or postcode into the search box and then select the correct location from the list.
  2. The map scale defaults to 1:25000 scale. To change the scale select the “Change Mapping Scale” button on the left of the screen below the scale Example map.
  3. To move the map, position your mouse pointer anywhere in shaded section of the large coloured map box area, depress and hold down the left mouse key mouse and drag your mouse to move the mapped area.
  4. Enlarging or zooming in on the map. At the top right of the large map click on the “LOCK MAP” button to fix the mapped area. Once applied a tick should appear the box. On the left side of the large map is a Plus + and a Minus - icon. Click plus to enlarge. As you have locked the map you are able to move the whole map without changing the centre or extents of your selected area. Tip: (Always lock the map before zooming in or out to prevent accidental movement.)
  5. Adjusting your highlighted map area in zoom mode. Find the edge of your map by holding down the left mouse key and dragging the map until you find the frame extents. You will now need to unlock the map to edit the extents by clicking on the "“LOCK MAP” button to remove the tick. Select the coloured area of the map and move to your desired place. Always relock the map before zooming in or out to prevent accidental movement.
  6. Change the orientation covered by your map (Portrait or Landscape) , click on the “Basic format options” button and chose your required map orientation.
  7. Strip maps are available using the “Strip Map Options” button.
  8. The option to choose between a flat or folded or mounted map is available after confirming layout and selecting buy. Once you have confirmed your map selection, you'll be able to add your own text Title , Sub title for the cover and additional notes which will appear above the map legend. Add your Logo and or Main map picture to the cover click on “Upload Images Now” and select images for upload before you add your map to the basket.

Can I see exactly what my map will look like?

The images shown during the map creation process show you the area covered by your map, where the centre is and any information you have added for the title or notes on the cover. The images do not show the exact detail of the map because that will depend on the scale that you choose. Our maps are created using the most up to date data from the Ordnance Survey, so the detail will be identical to what you would see on a similar scale OS map.

How big are Aqua3 maps?

Aqua3 maps are the same size as an Ordnance Survey map and are available in a range of scales. They are available folded or flat (flat maps are delivered rolled up in a tube). Folded maps are similar in size to a folded OS map, but are slightly thicker due to the materials used. We also give you the option to add extra width or height to your map to cover a larger area than a standard OS map. Use the “add extra panels” button on the “create your map” page to explore this option.

What are Aqua3 maps made of?

Aqua3 maps are produced using our patented process. They are printed on a synthetic “paper” made of polypropylene, using UV water-based pigment inks (we do not use solvents). The lamination is also polypropylene.

Are your maps really waterproof?

Nothing is ever 100% waterproof but the materials and processes we use give the best protection available. You can use your Aqua3 map in the rain and snow, drop it in a puddle, or even scrunch it up in your backpack. Look after it (see next question) and it will give you years of use.

How should I look after my map?

First of all, don't use a map case - you don't need to worry about protecting your map from the elements. If your map gets wet, don't keep it folded. Open it out when you get home and leave it to dry naturally - not near a source of heat like a radiator. If your map gets scrunched up, smooth it out, let it dry if needed and then just fold it up again.

How do I personalise my map?

You personalise your map by searching for a location, choosing where you want the centre of your map to be and what scale you want. The map creation page will then show you an image of the area your map will cover (note: this image only shows the area, not what your actual map will look like). You can zoom in to see the location of the centre and move it around if you wish. Once you've set your exact location choice, you can personalise your map with your own title for the front cover and with information for the notes section on the back cover (see next question).

What kind of extra information can I put on my map?

You can create your own name or title for your map to go on the front cover. You can also add a title and up to 7 lines of text to go in the notes section on the back cover. This is handy for adding route information or contact details (for example, if your map is for a group excursion or a Duke of Edinburgh's award trip).

Can I add my own data to my map?

At the moment, this facility is not available. However, it is something we are working on and hope to have available soon. If you have a specific technical requirement, please get it touch with us so that we can discuss ways that we can help.

Is the mapping data the latest edition?

Unlike some maps that you may buy off the shelf, Aqua3 Site Centred maps are always printed to order. That means that your customised map will be created using the latest digital data from Ordnance Survey (data is normally updated every 6 months).

Can I add latitude and longitude information to my map?

Yes, we can add WGS84 data as an additional layer alongside the standard National Grid reference in the printing process. This is the latitude and longitude data used by satellite navigation systems. This service is available on request - please contact us to discuss your requirements prior to your order.

Can I send my own maps or drawings for laminating with the Aqua3 system?

Yes - please see our Laminating Services for details. You can send in flat or folded items with a maximum width of 950mm.

Can I buy your maps in the shops?

No. Aqua3 maps are only available direct from us, via our website. If you have a map of your own that you would like us to laminate, please see our Laminating Services.

Can I buy Aqua3 maps of countries other than the UK?

Not at the moment, but we hope to add other countries in the future. If you have a map of your own that you would like us to laminate, please see our Laminating Services.

What payment methods can I use?

Aqua3 offers secure payment by debit/credit card using PayPal. If you are an education organisation or business and would like to set up an account, please contact us for further information.

If you are buying maps for DofE or youth group and would prefer to be invoiced, please check the Account Holders Only option in the Pay By section of the Checkout page.

Do you offer discounts for multiple orders?

Please note as we offer free lamination on all Aqua3 custom OS Maps we are unable to offer further discounts.

How can I keep up to date on news and product information from Aqua3?

You can find us on Facebook and on Twitter or you can send us an email and ask to be added to our mailing list. Read more about our privacy policy.

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I am able to say that having tried most of the 'waterproof' map protections on the market I much prefer the Aqua3. This map has paid for itself ten times over and is still in good condition.

Here at Aqua3, we pride ourselves on producing customised maps that will stand up to the toughest use. Every map is produced to order and we are always happy to answer your questions or help you select the right map for your needs.

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