Aqua3 Laminating Services

Have your own map or sea chart laminated by Aqua3's specialists.

We are happy to offer a laminating service, but please read the following advice carefully:

  1. Maps must be in a good condition - the laminating process involves stretching the map, so we will not laminate a map or chart that is even slightly damaged in case a tear is made worse.
  2. We cannot laminate historical maps - firstly, because of the reason above; secondly, because old maps tend to be greasy from being handled and this prevents the laminate from adhering. But most importantly, laminating will devalue your precious document as it will no longer be original.
  3. We are unable to laminate custom maps purchased from the Ordnance Survey. This is due to the printing processes that they use - please see their advice note on their website for an explanation. The best way to get a laminated map with the latest OS data is to buy an Aqua3 customised map - it's cheaper and waterproof!
  4. If your map is already folded we will return it to you as a folded map. If your map is flat, we will return it to you flat (rolled in a tube). Please select the correct option when you complete the order form below.
  5. We cannot laminate two maps back to back to create a double sided map - this is because the lamination will not adhere properly.
  6. We can laminate maps or charts up to 960mm wide and of any length.
  7. Some map sizes may need the cover removing before we laminate them. Please call us if your map is a non-standard size with a cover so that we can advise you before you place your order.
  8. At the moment, we can only offer laminating services for paper maps and charts. We cannot accept digital files, but we are planning to offer this service soon. If you would be interested in knowing when this service is available, please email us and we will keep you informed.
  9. If you are sending us more than one map then please enter them as separate items - i.e. enter the name and quantity for one and select Add to basket.
  10. Prices include VAT.

Laminate my flat map

Laminate my folded map